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Replace Your Wood Veneer With Top Quality Wood

By Greg Fletcher

Madera Concepts of Santa Barbara, California specializes in exotic burlwood dashboard and interior trim components for automobiles. They've been in business for sixteen years and have gained a reputation for the finest "100 point" show quality, wood trim.

I spoke with Jeff, one of the owners of Madera, a while back and he was very helpful in explaining their shops quality and methods. They make a wide range to fit many modern cars (950 different packages, many in stock, probably some for whatever else you drive) and regularly build custom packages to suit an owners taste. The choice for that vintage restoration as well. Their construction methods are the same used by Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz.

Madera Concepts offes great prices for Jensen Healey Preservation Society members (ask for the club discount) for a walnut burl or carpathian elm burl. Figured walnut, similar to the stock pattern is also available. Thought not stock, I highly recommend the burl woods, it gives the Jensen a luxury and sophistication it was always meant to have. The walnut burl is a dark brown, the Carpathian Elm Burl is more of a strawberry-blond color. Price includes all five pieces for later Mark 2 cars. All components are new (except for the center console/ashtray piece that you must send in), trim screws are used to mount the new piece to the car (which looks much better, but not stock). They are happy to do custom work for Mark 1 models (like mine) that missed out on the extra wood upgrade seen in the later Jensen Healey Mark 2's. I plan on getting them some specifications for my car and will let you know how that works out. The folks at Madera only do quality work. They do not do the cheapo peel'n stick or contact cement variety. All pieces are applied to their own plywood substrates and are new components that either slide (as the original glove box) or screw mount to the fascia. Turn around time is 2-4 weeks. Call for your individual requirements.

There are a number of club members that have this trim installed in their Jensen Healey's and it looks fantastic. I can't over emphasis the high quality that Madera puts into these packages - it's an exceptional value (about one third the cost of comparable work out of the U.K.).

Madera Concepts
55 - B Depot Road
Goleta, CA 93117
Phone 805-962-1579
Fax 805-962-7359

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