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Smog Inspection problems? Read how the club Editor passed the CA smog inspection.

Clean your car like a pro- read the definitive article on Jensen Healey paint care by Paul Cartagena.

Change those pesky Jensen Healey timing belt tensioner bearings before it's too late.

Jensen Healey air hose routing with aftermarket air filters.

General information if you're thinking about Supercharging your Jensen Healey 907 engine.

Exploding 907 engine water pumps?

Read about one Jensen Healey owners experience with a distributor-less ignition system.

The best, high quality wood veneer to use in your Jensen Healey.


All the really hep stuff, including the 907 engine rebuild series, 4 speed tranmssion overhaul and much more is located at the JHPS Members Only Club Garage area of our Web site. You need only be a current JHPS member to check out past articles, technical tips, special offers and more.


Since this information comes your way via the USA here's some legal mumbo-jumbo/disclaimer stuff to help make your life more fulfilling: Views and opinions expressed are those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of the organization. While it is a service of the Jensen Healey Preservation Society to disseminate technical information, any technique or modification should be weighed against conventional, generally-accepted practice. It is incumbent upon the owner to consider the effect of any modification on their automobile. This website and its contributors assume no liability for the accuracy or legality of any technical information appearing herein. The mention of a product, service, or procedure does not constitute endorsement by the club or its officers.
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