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New Jensen Healey
Model Revealed!

By Greg Fletcher

A new 1:43 scale Jensen Healey is ready for delivery. This is one of a limited run of only 350 models of the Jensen Healey available in white or red only.

Forget about the large, plastic Revell style models you remember from your childhood, this J-H model is painstakingly built out of white metal and is much smaller than most American’s are used to. 1:43 scale is just under four inches. Model photo, right, is almost exact size.

White metal models, what are they? White metal models in 1:43 scale are quite popular in England. Today’s white metal models are typically pre-assembled (as the Jensen Healey one seen below) and painted. They are normally limited editions and represent a very high level of skill not seen in model building 15 years ago.

White metal is used because it is easier to mold than other alloys used by mass-production scale car & toy makers. The scale vehicles you see in toy stores are mass produced, usually with hundreds of thousands or more being sold to offset the high costs of expensive tooling and marketing.

White metal models are much more personalized, tend to be more of British Marques, as they are very much an "English thing", and they often retain more of the “individual” personality we all so enjoy in the real cars.

What’s this model like? It’s a great re-creation of a ‘73 right hand drive J-H. The one I purchased, pictured above is said to be number 113 of 350. Each model comes with a card letting the owner know which one he owns. The style and shape are spot on, I’m sure not an easy feat with the subdued lines of the Jensen Healey, it even leaves an oil spot on the table when you park it for more than five minutes (just kidding). The paint finish is exceptional and the interior detail is surprisingly good, for example you can clearly see the vent sockets in the dashboard. Even the wheels appear to be very exact, although they are not detailed with black paint. No opening doors, boot or bonnet however- typical for this scale in white metal. The model is very heavy for it’s size so it really feels like it has some substance to it.

In all, I’d say it’s a rousing triumph for the marque, and a cool addition to your no doubt small Jensen Healey collection. But there is a price to pay- just like your real Jensen, exclusivity has it’s not insignificant cost. This model is about £80 in the UK. For those of us living in the U.S. the total comes out to a staggering $150 or so, as the value of dollar has dropped dramatically the last couple of years. Keep in mind this is not a toy and is not suitable for children. It’s a collectable re-creation of a very fine and rare British classic.
Kudos to Greg Roberts at Thoroughbred Models, the creators, for finally stepping in and producing one of the first scale models of the Jensen Healey.

For more information contact
Crossway Models
2 Salem Street
Gosberton, Lincs PE11 4NQ England




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