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About the JHPS Message Board

Just a note for folks that are new to the site or are unsure about how the Message Board works:

WHAT- The JHPS Message Board is a private, moderated board, the Jensen Healey Preservation Society's members and their membership dues pay for it to be here. Of course, we welcome posts from anyone, you don't need to be a member, but it must relate to JENSEN HEALEY or JENSEN GT TECHNICAL ISSUES. If you're looking for Jensen Interceptor stuff try

What the JHPS Message Board is not- this Message Board and the JHPS is NOT a public utility or public forum for debating. JHPS is a privately run organization and as such, contributors are subject to the rules mentioned on this page. I prefer to keep our board open to anyone that would like to view it or has something constructive to contribute, but if someone does not feel the need to comply with our few simple guidelines, or generally displays a not very nice attitude, they may get removed.

USE- When replying to a post, PLEASE delete the old message, then start typing yours. We all know what it said, we don't need to see again. Please do not type in all caps! This is considered difficult to read and I'm getting complains from other readers about postings being made in capital letters. Please list your email address when posting. If are unable or do not wish to use an email address, please refrain from making a post.

FOR SALE- For Sale items belong in the JHPS Clasified section and you should email me direct with that My email address is also on almost every page on this site. Ads are free for members, $10 for non-members, see for placing an ad.

EVENTS- Events do not belong on the Message Board. I'm quite happy to post any British Car related event (or maybe another interesting event) on the event area of the web site, please send me the details, I need a Who, What, Where, Went, a brief description, email & web link if available. I don't have time to read through pages and pages of details and fluff to figure out what it's all about so events submited as a rat's nest of information may not get listed.

JH VALUE- Take a look at They have a fair and realistic value guide for Jensens in good condition. If you have a Jensen Healey that is fairly thrashed and you don't want it, then it's value is limited. I still get offers for free cars now and then, so that should give you some idea of how to peg a selling price for a beater.

SPAM- I hate unsolicited sales email and postings more than just about anything. Evil doers listing chain letters and rubbish on pep pills, talc or whatever on the Message Board are immediately deleted and users they are banned from posting for life as well as being the receipient of an ancient and macabre Celtic curse. Likewise, don't bother listing your Russian dating service here, as it will be removed immediately.

Greg Fletcher


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